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Jiangsu Tianfeng's first overseas imported logs arrived at Lanshan Port
Release time:2022-05-30      Click:43

In early April, the cargo ship "Seal Island" loaded with North American materials entered the country and arrived at Lanshan Port, Rizhao. The ship carried the logs of woodland in BC, Canada, which were felled by Jiangsu Tianfeng International Trading Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group company, and Canadian Resources Company. All the logs have been fumigated and transported to Yard of Lanshan Kangkai for storage.

In July last year, the group company sent relevant personnel to Canada to take the risk of the epidemic situation and make on-the-spot visits to log woodlands and local resource companies to be cooperated with. After investigation, the group company communicated and negotiated with Canadian Resources Company on cooperation matters, and reached a cooperative development agreement in the second half of last year. The nearly 20,000 square logs carried by the "Seal Island" is the first ship of cooperation between the two companies, with excellent cargo quality and lower purchase cost than all North American logs in the same period.

The arrival of the "Seal Island" indicates that the company has established a good cooperative relationship with Canadian Resources Company, and it is also a good start for the company to master the upstream resources of logs, and the first step for the group company to import bulk resources overseas. In the future, the company will rely on and give full play to this unique advantage, continue to enlarge and strengthen the import of logs, and explore deeper areas of the timber industry.

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