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Memories of the past journey; Join forces and continue to be brilliant. Yongcheng Construction successfully signed a contract with Xinyi Sutai Real Estate
Release time:2022-05-30      Click:39

On February 24th, Liu Lei, general manager of Yongcheng Construction, came to Xinyi City with Lou Decheng, deputy general manager, Yang Fuxing, assistant general manager, Zhang Chuanzhou, engineering minister, and Liu Guofang, a strategic partner, and signed the Project Contract of Huatai Haoting Phase VI Project with Yu Shigang, general manager of Xinyi Sutai Haoting Real Estate. So far, the two and a half month project negotiation has been a complete success.

Huatai Haoting Project, a well-known local building in Xinyi City, is located at the intersection of Zhongwu Road and Daqiao Road. It is located in the center of the city and in a double key school district, with a superior location. The total construction area of the project is 245,000 square meters, including high-rise buildings, houses, resettlement houses and commercial complexes. This contract is the sixth phase of the project, and it is also the final work of the real estate. This is highly similar to the fifth phase of the Oriental Dijing City Project under construction in Yongcheng, and has the same effect.

In 2005, the group company entered Xinyi City for the first time and developed the Rhine County project. After a lapse of 17 years, Yongcheng Construction came to Xinyi again and undertook the construction of a well-known local project. Through the successful signing of this contract, Yongcheng Construction will definitely give back to Party A and future owners with high-quality engineering quality. The year 2022 is one year of "bravery, diligence, stability and far-reaching" for the Orient Group. Yongcheng Construction will continue to adhere to the spirit of Orient, forge ahead bravely and create new achievements.

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