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Fu Xu, member of the Standing Committee of Pizhou Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, visited Wenhe Jiayuan Construction Project for inspection
Release time:2022-05-30      Click:41

At 4:00 pm on April 16th, Fu Xu, member of the Standing Committee of Pizhou Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor, led the leaders of Finance Bureau, Economic Development Bureau, Housing and Construction Bureau, Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, Real Estate Center, Rein City Group, Transportation Holding Group, Hirain Company and other units to investigate the construction project of Wenhe Jiayuan.

Liu Lei, general manager of Yongcheng, and Shi He, project manager of Wenhe Jiayuan, attended this activity. During the inspection, Mayor Fu listened carefully to General Manager Liu Lei's work report on construction progress, safe production, epidemic control and other aspects. General Manager Liu mentioned in the report: At present, although Wenhe Jiayuan project is affected by epidemic control, the supply of raw materials and manpower are greatly restricted, but Yongcheng Construction is confident to overcome difficulties and complete the construction task with good quality and quantity.

After listening to the report, Mayor Fu highly recognized the current situation of the project under construction, and praised the enterprise mission of building Yongcheng with one hand on construction and production, and the other on epidemic prevention and control.

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